Used Corvette C4

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The Corvette C4 when it came out in nineteen eighty-three was a huge deal and has since not been reproduced in the body style and design which was astounding back then. It was the first vehicle by Chevy to introduce the sheet metal panels where the actual frame is built into the body of the vehicle.

When the C4 came out it was raved about and brought Chevrolet into the spotlight as the number one maker of sports cars. It enveloped the newest in technologies like electronic instrumentation, rack and pinon steering and super aerodynamics and it took the automotive world by storm.

It seemed to not carry its astounding notoriety into the next version of the C4 and continuously reshaped itself over the years. It has seen numerous upgrades in technology and design changes over the years, but a true Corvette lover remembers the days of the sleek seemingly menacing body of the Corvette C4 from nineteen eighty-three coming at you on the road.

Integrated Space Frame

With the integrated space frame when you are looking to buy a used Corvette C4 make sure you check and double check the body panels for any misalignment. Our used Corvette C4 has no misalignments and is rust and corrosion free. You can rest assured that our C4 will last you for years to come.

Tires of the Past

The creation of the C4 brought about the use of more expensive tires which were the Goodyear sixteen-inch unidirectional tires making tires of the past obsolete. This also brought about more cost for replacing the tires. Our used Corvette C4 has brand new tires so you will not have to fork over thousands of dollars in tire costs after you drive this beauty off the lot.

With this new body style and technological advancements the bearings can also be an issue when buying a used Corvette C4. We make sure that the bearings have at least been inspected because they are incased in the hub and require maintenance.

Our Used Corvette C4 Inspection

We have a huge inventory of all makes and models of new and used vehicles and we perform the best-used car inspections bar none. We check all fluids, gauges, electrical, mechanical, systems such as brakes and steering and even check to make sure the interior carpet and upholstery is like new. We care about your safety and will give you the best used Corvette C4 of your dreams.

When buying a used Corvette C4 or any other used vehicle, we make sure that your car or truck runs and looks like new so you can rest assured that you will have a reliable vehicle that will last you for years. Came visit us today and peruse our vast inventory where you know you only will get the best in used vehicles that will stand the test of time.

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