Testimonials from our Corvette Customers

Our customers say it BEST..!! Here are notes from some of our many satisfied Corvette buyers:

Thank you so much for assisting me w fulfilling a dream!  I love my Corvette and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your patience and guidance and kindness during the selection, purchase, and delivery of my car!  I look forward to many years with it and I hope you don't mind if I stop by now and again......I think I'm hooked!  Best regards and Happy Holidays !"

Sheri T. in Coatsville, PA


"It was a pleasure dealing with Rick and Lou on the purchase of my 2003 Corvette. They made me feel comfortable, and they follow-up and check with you after the purchase, to make sure everything is going well...and, I greatly appreciate that. If I decide to upgrade my Corvette in the future, it will be from AllVette. Thanks guys."

Stewart J. in Springhouse, PA


"Just loving my 1998 Carmine Red Convertible. The color and condition gets so many compliments! The Vette has been running just great. Have been enjoying riding on weekends with the top-down. I haven't had a convertible since 1969! Everyone loves the color, and can't get over the condition of the car."

Richard H. in Robbinsville, NJ


"The car is great! I am very happy with the car (2004 Convertible) and your service. I have already told friends about AllVette, and I hope to buy from you again in the future."

Armand T. in Long Island, NY


"I received the car this morning. It is everything and more than I expected. Thanks for the great service. Rick, please tell Lou thanks for everything. I'll make sure to refer all my Vette buddies to you guys. The car is smokin' HOT."

Tom B. near Boston, Mass.


" It has been almost two months since I purchased the '05 Vette. There has been 'O' problems with the vehicle, and it is a head-turner everywhere I take it. I would want everyone to know how easy it was to purchase a Vette from your company. You guys are tops in knowledge...and the quality of the cars you offer. I would also recommend anyone who is serious about purchasing a Corvette to contact AllVette first. They will not be disappointed."

Tedddy S. in North NJ


"To all future Corvette owners: Dealing with Rick and Lou is a pleasurable and professional experience. They promise and deliver exactly what you are looking for, with no snags. My Corvette was everything Rick said, and more. The financial transaction was smooth and so was the delivery of my 'jewel'. The car hauler is also an exceptional individual. This is the business I would use if I am serious about buying a Corvette. Thanks again."

Joe C. near Tampa, FL


"Your ad about my 1979 Corvette said: "A true time capsule"...and nothing can be closer to the truth. Enjoying it immensly. It's like driving a new "old" car, and it turns heads everywhere I go. I could have bought a new Vette, but thought "old school" is what is 'in' now. Thanks again for delivering exactly what you described it to be."

David R. near New Orleans, LA


"Just a short note of thanks to AllVette, and especially Lou, for all he's done for me. I've purchased and sold four Corvettes through Lou in the last 15 years, and nothing could have been simpler or more enjoyable. I've found these guys go out of their way to stock mint, low mileage, one-owner Corvettes. These cars sell themselves, and are exactly as-advertised. If you are in the market for a late-model Vette, bookmark the AllVette site and check it daily."

Larry D. in Montgomeryville, PA


" I just wanted everyone to know what a pleasure it was dealing with Rick and Lou in acquiring my new Corvette. They are really down-to-earth, but professional at the same time. The inventory is amazing! Every car is pristine. This (AllVette) is the place to purchase your next excellent Corvette. Thanks so much."

Denise H. in Turnersville, NJ


"Rick, the car is great. Beat the storm home. My car is safely tucked-away until the weather breaks. Gave your card to a car dealer down here, and he can't believe the deal. What a beautiful piece of machinery. Hope to do business with you again some day."

Bill D. in Toms River, NJ


"Well, I got it, but it's not as advertised. It was supposed to be in "great shape." It's not. It is in perfect shape -- and I do mean perfect.

I have bought probably a dozen new cars in my life, and for a while sold Porsche and Mercedes cars at a very upscale new car dealer--but I have never seen a car this perfect. I cannot find a flaw anywhere on it, in it, under the hood, even under it! It's obviously never even been wet. No kidding, it's a freakin' museum piece. Now I have a problem. It's too damn nice to drive!

It is absolutely pristine stock with the addition of the 3M protective film. You  said it "Was the best application we have ever seen." I don't know about you, but it's the best I've ever seen. The film is almost everywhere that any damage could occur, including the mirrors, front of the roof, and even on protrusions on the rear fenders.

I was very leary of buying a car this way -- seeing on the internet -- then phone and ship. But, to get what I wanted, it seemed the only way. I did a lot of research on AllVette and found nothing but positive feedback on you -- now I see why!

My express THANK YOU, beyond words, to Lou and Rick at AllVette and to their recommended truly 'white glove' delivery man George. They proved to be totally honest, totally professional to work with, efficient, and expert in their knowledge and business. They represent THE organization that has displayed the most integrity of any I have dealt with in many years-and I buy very high-dollar items for the Government for a living.

Thanks aren't enough for your integrity, fair dealing, and great service!  Can't wait to get some cash together for a C2...Guess who I'm going to for that?"

Ray N. near Charleston, SC


"I had the privilege of picking up a 2004 Corvette from AllVette for my son who is serving in the armed forces overseas. All communications and purchase of the vehicle where done 'long-distance -- email and telephone'. In essence, the Corvette was purchased sight-unseen. There was an immediate trust established between Rick (at AllVette), myself, and my son in working-out the details of the purchase. Upon arriving at AllVette (from Wisconsin) to take possession of the Vette, I was mesmerized by the pristine condition and obvious care this vehicle has received at the hands of AllVette...showroom condition, inside and out. Even the engine was spotless and like-new condition. Before delivering it to a port for shipping overseas, I had the opportunity to drive it for several days. The vehicle was all and more than Rick described. It was so fun!!! I highly recommend AllVette for your next treasured purchase; you can count on professional and trustworthy handling of all aspects of your new experience..!"

John R. in Burlington, WI


"Rick and Lou, Just wanted to thank you for a great deal on my 2002 Electron Blue Corvette. Now that the snow has melted, I am really starting to enjoy the car. I get nothing but compliments on the condition of it. Thanks once again. I will definitely spread the word about where to buy a super-clean Corvette."

Joe S. near Pocono area, PA


"We finally got to really drive the '05 Magnetic Red Corvette. Grrrrr...what fun, fun, fun. I had it a day to myself (Stew was sick). It's a real head-turner. Also wanted to thank you for allowing us to keep the Vette at your place those extra two weeks, until Mother Nature decided we had enough snow. Last night, Stew got his 'ride'...and then sat in the driveway listening to Eric Clapton (on the car stereo) for another twenty minutes! Many, many thanks. We'll see you in Carlisle in August...for sure!

Cindy and Stew W. in Westminster, MD


"It was a great pleasure dealing with Rick and Lou throughout the whole process of buying my 2006 Corvette -- they were courteous and very professional. While at their facility, I looked around and their warehouse was immaculate...not to mention every Corvette was in pristine condition. Which only tells you how much pride they take in their business. Thanks again for helping me through my first Corvette purchase. She is a real beauty!"

Pat K. near Wilkes Barre, PA


"I am very pleased, but I should say "thrilled", with my Corvette purchase from Lou and Rick at AllVette. The car is everything they described before the purchase, and I am enjoying it every driving moment! They were very courteous and efficient in processing the purchase. But, what I really appreciated was their sifting-through all the used Corvettes in the market to get me one with the exact interior and exterior colors and high-end options I wanted. I look forward to checking with them from time to time on Corvette tips, as they are the most knowledgeable Corvette people I have encountered."

Louis C. in Warrington, PA


"Rick, Our 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette is giving us more pleasure than we ever expected. Thank you so much for your kindness and courtesy in helping us purchase our Corvette. It was a pleasure dealing with you, and we look forward to dealing with AllVette in the future."
Rich and Patty M. in Kulpmont, PA   


"Rick, Just wanted to say thank you for the experience in dealing with you and Lou throughout the purchasing process. You guys were professional, responsive, and understanding.... I hope your move goes well, and I look forward to visiting your new establishment next time I'm in the area. Again, thank you."

Bill A. in Waynesburg, PA


"I have wanted a Corvette for 25 years. Well, I never thought I would buy one, online, sight-unseen. My wife and son thought I was crazy! But, I have to tell you...all the information given to me from AllVette was spot-on! They had a Red 2006 Convertible I had been looking for with 6,000 miles on it. I paid for the car, then flew to PA, where Rick picked me up at the airport. After a briefing of how everything worked on the car, Rick left me to drive the little darlin' back home. And, what a ride it was! The six hour drive went by too fast. The car has been at its new home for over a month, and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Thank you to Rick and Lou for helping me live my dream!"

Paul S. in Londonderry, NH


"Thanks for the outstanding service! My 2008 Atomic Orange Coupe is absolutely as you said it was, "better than new". This deal was a pleasure. Rick and Lou were open and helpful. Even Melissa at JJ Best (their financing partner) gave them her highest recommendation, and that deal was painless as well. Honestly, I went into this with some reservations about purchasing a Corvette long distance, but came away with a beautiful car and would not hesitate to do this again in the future. These guys know Vettes! Good luck in your new home, and there is no doubt in my mind of your continued success. Thanks again."

Chris F. in Wayne, NJ

"I'd like to thank Rick and Lou for making the purchase of my '02 Torch Red Corvette Convertible a most pleasurable and hassle free experience.  Throughout the transaction, Rick and Lou were in constant communication with me, and attended to every detail, including helping to arrange shipment. Most importantly, I found the vehicle to be in pristine condition,exactly as advertised. As a business owner, I certainly appreciate the level of professionalism and customer service demonstrated by Rick and Lou. I would highly recommend AllVette to anyone looking to purchase a quality, used Corvette." 

Corey D. in Sarasota, FL


"Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our 2005 Precision Red Corvette Coupe. It is a blast to drive and certainly turns plenty of heads wherever we go. One night, we were going out to dinner and when we got in town, we got an ovation from some of the folks on the sidewalk as we slowly cruised by.  Rick and Lou, we also very much appreciate your service and follow up after the sale.  Most of my friends know I am miles from being a car guy, they thought I might get ripped off or get a real clunker. So one by one they had a chance to see it and every one of them is amazed at the great condition, as well as the value we got for our money.  I guess now they think I am a real car fanatic and now and I know everything there is to know about sports cars. We're not sure about that - but we are sure we're fanatical about the Corvette. This won't be our last one, that's for sure.  Thanks again, I'm sure we'll cross paths again."

Jim and Lori W. in Richboro, PA

"I had been tracking the inventory on the AllVette Web site for several months (along with all the other use Corvette Web sites).  In June, I saw a 2002 Magnetic Red Convertible on your site.  It had the options I had been looking for: 6 speed manual, preferred equipment group & Selective Real Time Damping.  It was the low mileage (22,000 miles) Corvette I had been looking for. I spoke with Rick for a good hour by phone and he took me through every detail of the car.  I decided to make the 135 mile trip from Morris County, NJ to look at the car the following Friday. The car was exactly as described.  Needless to say I bought it.  I sold my first Corvette 21 years ago.  It’s been worth the wait for my second one!"

Bill C. in Wharton, NJ

"Rick, my road trip (back to St. Louis) was great fun, at an average speed of 74.8 mph with the AC on I averaged 28.8 miles to the gallon.  Who needs Toyota & Honda!  The car (a 2000 Torch Red / Red Convertible) performed well without any hickups and handled great through a number of construction projects and rough roadways.

As to our transaction, everything was handled professionally, without pressure, and in a business-like fashion....which is the exception and by far not the norm for most auto sales operations.  I appreciate you were waiting to pick me up at the airport, and the car was preped and ready to go upon my arrival.  No smoke, no mirrors, no bandaided cars...just an honest representation and a passion (you have) for Corvettes."
Greg H. in St. Louis, MO
"Rick and Lou, I am extremely happy with my new purchase. I had been seriously looking for my first Corvette for the last 4 months, or so...when I spotted the 2004 Commemorative Edition Coupe on your Web site. I was not considering a Blue Vette until I saw this one..! The LeMans Blue with the Shale interior just "popped". After my first visit to see the car, I was not disappointed. It looked "brand spankin' new" up close and personal. And, I thought to myself, 'I can see me driving around town in this baby...!'. Long-story-short, we made a great deal...and I couldn't be happier. You both were very professional and courteous, so thank you. If and when I decide to purchase my second Vette, you'll be hearing from me. And, I have been spreading the word about AllVette....'beautiful cars with professional service'. Thanks again." 
Keith F. in Lancaster, PA
"Rick, First and foremost, thanks! You told me to trust you. I did, and you delivered. This was my first "sight unseen" purchase and your assurance of the condition of my 1996 Collector Edition Convertible proved to be an understatement; I am still receiving compliments everywhere I go. I would highly recommend AllVette to anyone, especially to someone that finds themselves in the same position that I was in (not being able to go see the car before making my decision). The professionalism that was shown, right down to the delivery of the car, was top notch and greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure doing business with you and Lou, I look forward to the next time. Thanks again."
Jim L. in Agawam, MA
"Rick, thanks for your patience with a very cautious person like me. I found your vehicles to be the best available, top shelf cars along with great service. I drove my 2005 Silver Coupe from your location in West Chester, PA to Florida with a smile on my face for 1,200 miles. Glad you, Lou and AllVette are doing work for worthwhile charities as well."

Ron P. in Bradenton, FL


"It was a pleasure buying my Vette (2003 50th Anniversary Edition Convertible) from Rick and Lou. Communication was great from the begining to the end, and everything was handled very professionally with no surprises. I couldn't be happier with my car, it's perfect. I would certainly buy another car from these gentlemen again. Thanks Guys."

Tom M. in Manahawkin, NJ


"I was looking to upgrade from my 1975 Corvette convertible to a C5 convertible. I heard about AllVette from a local muscle car dealer here in New Hampshire, and I called them. They had what I was looking for (2002 Torch Red / Black Convertible) and went into great detail to describe the 2002 to me. After a few calls, we came to an agreement and off went my car to them...and their car to me. When their car came off the hauler I froze. It was even better than I could imagine. The car looks and runs like new. I would like to thank Lou and Rick, and if I ever think of buying another Corvette you can believe me, AllVette will be the first dealer I call. Thanks again!" 

Don L. in Auburn, NH

"I searched for months for the perfect low-mileage Corvette, and I found it at AllVette. I drove five hours on 'blind faith', and I was happy to see the car was everything I hoped it would be. The whole process was a professional and satisfying experience! I would highly-recommend AllVette to anybody searching for the perfect low-mileage Corvette."

Joe D. in West Babylon, NY

"It was an absolute pleasure to do business with Rick and Lou. The 2000 Corvette I purchased was in impeccable condition. They arranged for transportation to The Hamptons on Long Island...and it was handled with the utmost of care. The best part was when I brought the Corvette to a Chevrolet dealer in Southhampton for its NY State inspection, and a "going-over", the only comment the dealer made was that the car was "awesome". Can't wait for an excuse to get another one."

Bob D. in East Quoge, NY

"I must say, it was an exciting trip down from Watkins Glen...all-around. The excitement of picking-up my 2007 Atomic Orange Corvette Coupe, and beating the storm on my way home, was great. And, what a car (clean, low miles, and just what Rick said it was). Dealing with Rick was very simple and a real pleasure. We had stayed in-touch for about 10 months while I was looking, until I finally found the Vette I wanted. Doing the paperwork couldn't have been easier. With phone calls and e-mail, Rick made the whole transaction simple. And now, as my car sits in my garage for a long winter nap...we wait for Spring.

John W. in Dundee, NY

"After looking for weeks on-line for the perfect 2002 Z06...I came across AllVette's Web site. There it was...Black on Black with only 17,000 miles! With over 40 photos, at all angles, and a Carfax Report on the same page. I called Rick and Louis the next day, who are both very knowledgeable men with a true passion for Corvettes. They explained the details on the car and the purchase process. The following day, I went to AllVette's beautiful facility...and the car was exactly as-described -- if not better! We did all the paperwork, and I was off with a smile. My opinion of their business is a quality Corvette shop that you can purchase the Vette you want without even driving it...and it will be 100% what you were told. Thanks again Rick."

Chris D. in Arlington, VA

"Rick, Thanks for all the help and support in working with me to buy and transport my 1975 Red Convertible. The car arrived (in Costa Rica) exactly as-described. The car's condition is overall excellent..!! I was blown-away by the interior and engine compartment..!! Excellent business...excellent service...five stars."

Albert G. in Costa Rica

"I am not sure words can describe the thrill that I had this past Friday when the temperature nearly hit 80 degrees, and I took my 2002 Silver Convertible out for a ride in the countryside with the top down. Plus, I remember Rick telling me that you meet the nicest people who also drive Corvettes. I have already experienced that in such a short time of owning mine. Rick and Lou have exactly the right business approach...selling only high-quality Corvettes, which are kept in a climate-controlled warehouse. My experience with AllVette could not have been better. This car purchase, for me, was as smooth as it gets. I look forward to dealing with these guys in the future."

Steve B. in West Chester, PA

"Rick, The Vette I bought from AllVette (2002 Torch Red Coupe) is great! What a stunning car. The three hour ride home to New York state seemed like it only took 10 minutes. I looked at maybe 30 Corvettes before I bought mine from you guys. It was a real pleasure. You guys at AllVette are the best!!"

Tom B. in Mahopac, NY

"I want to thank Rick and Lou for an awesome car. I was scared, having never purchased a car -- let alone my "dream car" -- over the Internet. What I most-appreciated was your assurance that if I was not completely satisfied, I could return the Corvette and get a full refund. Now that is confidence that translates perfectly..! I loved the exceptional description, Carfax, and multitude of photos on your Web site. Quickly-returned phone calls and e-mails, explaining the process, and genuine care and understanding of my anxiety (and excitement) about my first Corvette were most appreciated.

The shipping process was also excellent. The car was shipped in an enclosed trailer, and was covered by a car cover. It arrived spotless, as promised, and fired right up. Once unloaded, I drove the Corvette straight to a friend who is a GM service manager. He gave the car a complete "thumbs-up", which was the absolute icing on the cake. Since I was eight years old, I had dreamed about my neighbor's '67 427 with side-pipes. I have waited for the right time to purchase a Corvette. Now is the time....and this is the Vette."

Stewart L. in Elgin, IL

"I purchased our 2001 Silver/Torch Red Convertible sight-unseen...with only 13,800 miles. After getting to know Rick and Lou, via phone, I felt completely comfortable. Their prompt response to every call was awesome. They provided me with some really sound advice on my selection, and helped me set-up reliable transport. They did everything they could to make the transaction worry-free...and they can be trusted.

When the Vette came off the trailer, I was completely satisfied and extremely pleased. It was exactly as represented, with the carpets and steering wheel covered..! Everything was perfect. I woyld highly-recommend to anyone looking to purchase a low-mileage Corvette to see Lou and Rick at AllVette. They know how to find the best Vettes out there. My next one will come from AllVette."

Dave S. in Summerville, SC

"Rick and Lou -- Just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the purchase of my 2006 Lemans Blue Corvette. The car arrived in great condition and was spotless. The interior, exterior, and all other listed options were found to be nearly perfect. Buying a five-year old vehicle can always be risky, but that worry was eliminated when the car arrived. Dealing with All Vette insured I was getting a vehicle that had been well treated and cared for. The quality of the vehicle makes keeping it spotless that much more fun. Thanks again."

Bob B. in Massacheusetts

"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Rick and Lou at Allvette on two
occasions. These guys are honest / trustworthy, and the vehicles they sell are in
pristine condition. I had every confidence in purchasing my second vehicle from
Allvette...without viewing the vehicle. This is not something that one would do,
unless one is dealing with a company that is reputable and honest, attributes
that Allvette can proudly claim."

Dr.Gerald K. in Canada

"I wanted to take a moment to thank Rick and Lou for making the purchase of my first Corvette a great experience. 

"I had been looking for a Corvette for about a year now and really didn't know what I wanted or what I needed. My first visit to your showroom answered my questions and when I left, I knew what I wanted. You demonstrated a lot of patience and were willing to help. Your showroom is like a Corvette "candy store". The quality of your cars is amazing.

"Regardless of their age, all the cars look like new. I did a lot of searching, both locally and throughout the country. In the end I came back to Allvette - you not only had my yellow convertible, but you were the most professional of all the people I had talked with. Again, thank you and my new car is everything that I imagined it would be.

Jim C. in Downingtown, PA

"Corvette season is here again (in Canada)..! I must say i am so delighted with the car you found for me. The car was everything you promised. The quality of your product is fantastic. I'm tempted to buy another right now but the wife needs a four door sedan."

Vince B. near Toronto, Canada

"Rick and Lou, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all your help. My "new" 2001 convertible is virtually perfect, and I couldn't be happier. My first compliment arrived while I was getting fuel less than 10 minutes from your show room.

The Navy Blue Metallic under the White convertible top is stunning. It may be a few years before I'm ready for another vette, but when the time arrives you'll be my first call. Thanks again."

Robert D. in Media ,PA

"Hey Rick and Lou. Yes...the Corvette is wonderful, and best of all, even my wife approves! It was a big thumbs up when she saw it. I do appreciate the easy mannerisms both you guys have. I never felt pressured, and I also appreciated all the time you spent explaining the features of every Corvette you had in inventory, which made my decision much easier. I have told several customers and friends where I bought it, and feel confident if they ever had an inkling to buy a Vette, they'll at least go and see your inventory. Again, thank you."

Joe D. in New Jersey

You make a great team; your followup and patience really did make a diffference in my
^ buying decision. I think it's important to highlight that because as I mentioned to Rick, I
:i think Customer Service is one of those topics that are often discussed but rarely actively
jlpracticed. However when you come across it, it is great and memorable. I've already
|!|referred several people to the website and talk you guys up all of the time. Not surprising
| the car and even the pictures get alot of attention right now.
I am also very glad you knocked off some $ because what I saved in the price is going to
rrepairs :-)                                                                                   .,,,..@@'

It was a pleasure meeting both of you and I am glad I bought the car from Allvette.
You make a great team; your followup and patience really did make a diffference in my
buying decision. I think it's important to highlight that because as I mentioned to Rick, I
think Customer Service is one of those topics that are often discussed but rarely actively
practiced. However when you come across it, it is great and memorable. I've already
referred several people to the website and talk you guys up all of the time. Not surprising
the car and even the pictures get alot of attention right now.
I am also very glad you knocked off some $ because what I saved in the price is going to
repairs :-)
,  I would like to thak Rick and Lou /they made my Corvette dream come
true .@ I have been av avid motorcyclist for 40 years ,it isn"t going to be easy parting with
my bike to have this beautiful machine that ALLVETTE gave me the pleasure of owning ,...i
made 1 phone call at 7:45 monday morning to Rick told him i was up just about all night
thinking bout the Corvette i said im on my way to pick it up , Rick & LOU made it like 123

I waited a long time to get the perfect Corvette and I'm glad I did so I could have
the pleasure to purchase it from All Vette. My NEW 2005 Lemans Blue 1SB Vette
is perfect and flawless. Have had nothing but great comments on the car. Lou and
Rick are very professional, and personable and only deal with high quality LIKE
NEW Corvettes. I was very pleased to see the car totally and professionally
detailed and plastic covering on the interior to keep it that way. When the time
comes again I will definitely be calling on Lou and Rick at All Vette to make my
next Corvette purchase. Thanks again guys, the car is sick!!!!
Mike M. in Ontario, Canada

I'm really enjoying tooling around town in my 'new' 2002 Corvette which I recently
purchased from you folks at AllVette. This car looks like it just came out of the wrapper and
is in amazing condition for a nine year old car!! I traveled down to West Chester, PA from
central New Jersey after seeing it on your website and it was love at first sight.
Dealing with Rick and Lou was straight forward, courteous, and professional. I would
certainly recommend you folks to anyone seeking a late model Corvette,, Thanks for
getting me behind the wheel of a such a lovely car, Long Live AllVette!!
Best regards,
Edward Greninger   <@S-^w -^IP^  M^~

I was in the car business for 12 years. Four years in sales and eight years in
management. When I do business with anyone in the car business, I expect to be treated
fair, That's hard to find most of the time. On a scale of 1-10, Lou and Rick deserve a 10.
Purchasing my 2005 Corvette convertible on 11/5/11 with only 4,000 miles, was the most
relaxing and laid back automobile purchase I have ever made... (I have purchased 58
vehicles in 35 years). The vehicles they sell are nothing short of amazing. They definitely
pick the best of the best. I can't thank you guys enough for the pleasant experience and
the most thrilling car I have ever owned. I drove 80 miles home after picking up my new, to
me, Vette and never stopped smiling. If I am ever in the market for another Vette, I
wouldn't dream of buying from anyone else without checking with Allvette first. Thanks
again. Chuck 81 Candy.

Lou and Rick;
Well, it's been about a month since we purchased our 2001 convertible. It's the only
yellow one in town,
and it sure is a head-turner.
We're writing to thank you for the great deal and the "no-pressure" attitude that you
No problems with the car and you guys were great.
See you in Carlisle at the end of the month.

The car is great.
We have told many where we got it,
You can gladly add out testimonial to your page.
Here is what I would say:
The 2005 Arctic White Coupe was everything it was advertised to be.
There was not a mark on the car. The interior was as clean as the exterior,
It is hard to believe a car with 14,000 miles could be as nice as this unit.
We have added a few aftermarket items to enhance the cars already great appearance.
AllVette worked with us to secure the financing package that was right for all the parties.
AllVette definitely is a dealer to be trusted and worked with.
Chuck CarlsonA fu)6^^ / ?^

Rick & Lou,
I appreciate the e-mail thanking me for my business, but I also would like to say
thank you for the pleasurable buying experience I had when I purchased my 84
Vette. I made you an offer by e-mail without actually seeing the car other than your
pictures on the website. You described the car's condition to me on the phone and
it sure is everything that you said. The car is in great condition. You guys really
made my purchase a pleasant experience and I will recommend Allvette to my
friends and anybody else that I know of that is looking to buy preowned Corvette!
Jerry from Sellersville, Pa.

Hi Rick, Lou and all the guys at AllVette/1 just wanted to tell you how happy
I am with my 2008 Corvette that I bought from you. It is everything you
advertised and even more,,,,,, I also wanted to thank you for your support,
for setting up the Daytime Running Lights and for supplying the window sticker.
Of course it passed Canadian and Quebec inspection like it was nothing at all...
I especially want to thank you for your patience through the
whole transaction. You are my connection for all my future Vette needs!!!
Thanks again for letting live my dream 18 months early.
Best Regards from Canada

Sorry I have not got back to you sooner but things have been hectic.
"Lou and Rick were great thru the whole process and were very easy to deal
with. The car is too much fun and I have never received as many compliments
about a car,

"Bought an '07 Z06 from Rick and Lou 3 weeks ago and drove the car home to
Utah They are real honest and good to deal with. Car was immaculate and
not one thing wrong with it, just as it was advertised. I couldn't be happier with
Jim Alien,-Vernal/ Utah
There you go Rick, short and sweet. Dads real happy with the Vette and is
zipping all over town with it. Thanks again. I think he's put about 2100 miles on
it since and loves it.

T have been purchasing cars since I was 20 years from different dealerships
throughout .the country. 5 of the 7 cars I purchase were luxury models. My
experience with Allvette.net is by far the best I have experience. The
management team provided outstanding service during purchasing process. My
corvette looks and drives as if it's a brand new car. Allvette has my business for
life. Friends of mind who has look at my car can't believe that it is not brand
new. I. Would recommend The dealership to all my friends and family,

After searching the web for the perfect vette and being dissapointed at countless
dealers with average cars I found Allvette. I thought it was to good to be true but
after a visit to the showroom I realized these guys have what they say they have
low milage one owner mint condition cars. I could have purchased any one of the
cars there and been happy with it. But I chose the 08 atomic orange coupe super
loaded and of course low milage and super clean. Thanks Rick and Lou I love the
car and I will be back in a few years for my next vette!

Thank you so much Rick and Lou for our beautiful "like brand spanking new" 2006
Chevy Corvette!! We bought the car sight unseen and at first were a little leery,
since we had never done it that way before. We flew from Texas to Pennsylvania,
spent the night, and Rick picked us up the next morning and took us to Allvette to
pick up our car. The car was actually BETTER than pictures! WOW! We had so
much fun driving it back to Texas byway of the National Corvette Museum, in
Bowling Green Kentucky Thanks Rick and Lou for EVERYTHING! You cannot
beat these folks! Everything they say the car is, it will be that and MORE!!
Jamie D. Cozby

This is the way to buy a Corvette! I got a great, low mileage/ clean VETTE for a
great price. IT DRIVES INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks again for making my purchase
fun and easy. Josh Condit

My wife and I gave up our last Corvette, a 1978 25th Anniversary model, at the
birth of our first child. 29 years later, we found AllVette and purchased a
beautiful 2002 Electron Blue Corvette Coupe. What a machine! It was a
pleasure meeting and working with Rick who walked us through the buying
process, went over the car in detail, and even accompanied us through the
registration process. He made everything easy for a great deal and a fantastic
Frank and Susan M. in Clarksburg, MD

Can't say enough good things about my 2007 Monterey Red Corvette from
I have had so many compliments from family, friends and even people that walk
up to me when I am getting in or out of the car in parking lots. People think it
is a brand new car because it is in such great condition.
My wife and I think it is an all around fun car to drive.
It was a pleasure doing business with both Rick and Lou. They are very
professional but never pressure you.
They do whatever they can to please their customers. I know I would certainly
do business with them again.

Hi Rick,
It was a pleasure doing business with you and Lou. I have been on business travel
in Chicago all week so we haven't had the chance to really drive the Z06. Hopefully Jamie
and I will be able to take the Z06 out this weekend For a nice long cruise. I provided a brief
Testimonial below for your website.
"It was a pleasure doing business wSth Rick and Lou on the purchase of OUT
to anyone seeking a co/rvette. Thank yw again." - OBSwieir & Jamee -
Lancaster, PA
Hope all is well and have a great and safe July 4th holiday.

I was looking for a C5 or C6 convertible for about a year, when I noticed a 2001
Torch Red C5 on AIIVette's website. I emailed Rick and about a week after my
initial contact I drove to the showroom to check it out. As soon as I saw the car I
knew I had to buy it. Rick and Lou were great, the transaction was smooth and my
C5 was delivered about a week later. I love this car!!! I would also recommend
AllVette to everyone looking for a great car.

Hi Rick   I am a very happy wife to a very, very happy husband. Bob is really
enjoying his new Corvette. Thank you for helping to make his dream wish come true
to own a Corvette. We appreciated the efficient way the purchase went and all your
help with the necessary forms to bring this car back to Canada,, Thank you for picking
us up at the hotel and the travel directions back home turned out to be the most
beautiful drive.especially this time of year. We would not hesitate to refer you to
anyone looking to buy a Corvette--ours turned out to be more than we could have
hoped for.
Yours truly
Bob & Helen McPherson

Thanks Rick and Lou for working with me to purchase my 08 Crystal Red/Cashmere Corvette convertible. The car is everythinq I
expected and more.
I was a little hesitant going into this procedure for two reasons. First, buying a car over the internet was a little daunting, and
second, importing it into Canada was a complete unknown. After having gone through it, .1 can honestly say that my fear's were
completely unfounded. The car was absolutely impeccable. I had stated that I was looking for a clean, low mileage C6 Vette but I
never imagined I would find one this good. It was everything you advertised and more, much more. Everyone I have shown it to
has been blown away with the condition of this car. Even other Vette owners can't believe it.
I had been searching for three months looking for the specific Vette that I wanted. I couldn't find one available anywhere in
Canada, and then I came upon your website. There it was, the exact car I had been searching for. A long seven hour drive to
Pennsylvania resulted in a quick deal. One look at the car and I was convinced. Getting it imported into Canada created a few
bumps in the road, but nothing that wasn't overcome easily. The car is now licensed in Ontario, and is getting lots of top down
driving. Hopefully the nice fall weather will last a while longer.
Thanks again, Rick and Lou, for creating an enjoyable purchasing experience. Your inventory of Vettes Is second to none. I will be
highly recommending you to anyone I speak to about this, and believe me, that is a lot of people, as this Vette draws a lot of
.jj.tenti.on everywhere I go.